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Baltimore City (and area) Church Records

There are many church records in the Archives' "Special Collections" that are not available online.The following is a list of those I have created an index for, which can be vary useful when going to the Archives to view these.

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Special collection

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File sizeHelperDescription of contents
Lutheran (including Evangelical)
Zion Lutheran
East Ave/Dillon (Canton)
5329 M12716 not online Baptisms, marriages, deaths 1926-1934
Methodist Episcopal
Columbia Methodist Episcopal 4013 M1468 not online Marriages 1876-1939; Baptisms 1876-
Others: M1467, 1469, 1470, 1471, 1472, 1473, 1474, 1475
North Baltimore Station and Appold
Protestant Episcopal
xxxx Mxxx not online
Roman Catholic
Basilica of the Assumption 2707 M1510 not online Baptisms1782-1811
M1511not online Baptisms 1812-1837
M1512not online Baptisms 1827-1849
M1513not online Baptisms 1854-1870
M1514not online Baptisms 1871-
M1515not online desc
M2649not online Marriages 1852-1955, burials 1877-1955, Communions
Holy Cross 2573 M1918 not online Marriages 1872-1947; Burials 1870-1979; Not online - see microfilm
St Joseph's 2571 M1688 not online Baptisms 1919-1962; communions 1914-1955, 1960-1962; confirmations 1871-1873, 1922-1943, 1883-1903, 1917; not online - see microfilm
St Michael's 2526 M1538 not online Baptisms 1852-1884
St Stanislaus 2525 M1533not online Baptisms 1879-1894
M1534not online Baptisms 1893-1907
M1535not online Baptisms 1907-1925
M1536not online Baptisms 1925-1977, marriages 1880-86, 1895-1920
M1537not online Marriages 1895-1920, burials 1893-1968
M1538-1not online Burials 1968-1977
Greek Orthodox
xxxx Mxxx not online
United Methodist
Broadway Station United Methodist xxx M454 not online Desc
Hebrew (Jewish)

There were many in Baltimore, but no records are online at the Archives. Go to Jewish Museum of Maryland (in Baltimore)


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Updated 9 July 2018