Church records (Special Collections not online)

The following are churches in the Baltimore area which have microfilm in the Archives, moslty scanned but not online. Click on the collection number in the first column (then on "Microfilm Series" at the bottom) for descriptions. These can be viewed by going to the Archives in Annapolis. When there, enter the microfilm number as "SCM1375", for example.

As an aid to those trying to search the records on the computers at the Archives, I am creating helper files giving an index into the PDF file of each film. A list can be found here or click on those film numbers shown below as a link (usually underlined and in a distinct color).

The Baltimore County Genealogy Society in Parkville has some indicated by * below. These are either microfilm or computer files.

ChurchLocationYearsFilm Numbers
None available
United Evangelical (Lutheran)
SC4215First German United Evangelical Reformed1849-1963M1646
SC5495St Matthews 1852-1954M12953*-M12957*
Methodist Episcopal
SC4001 Alpheus W Wilson, ME 1915-1972M1375*
SC4013 Appold 1833-1974M1467*, M1468, M1469*, M1470-M1475
SC4000 Baltimore Circuit 1794-1946M1586, M1587
SC2877 Bethany 1868-1928M444
SC2884 Broadway Station 1864-1918M454
SC2623 Clifton Ave 1888-1911M447, M448
SC4013 Columbia Ave Station (see Appold) 1833-1974M1467-M1475
SC2883 East Baltimore Station 1886-1908 (But lists M411 back to 1800)M452, M453
SC4006 Emmanuel (changed to St Johns-Emmanuel in 1907) 1891-1925M912*
SC4007 Eutaw Street 1867-1921M1211
SC3964 First Methodist Episcopal, successor to Lovely Lane ChapelSt Paul and 22nd St1882-1915M455
SC4015 Fulton Ave, Chatsworth, Hillsdale 1861-1968M1274, M1275
SC2621 Guilford Ave 1886-1911M443
SC2881 Harford Ave 1858-1939M450*
SC2627 Huntingdon Ave 1861-1885M458
SC2620 Light Street German 1870-1942M445*
SC4016 Madison Square Centenary (also North Ave ME) 1866-1975M2071-M2072, M3016
SC2630 Northwest Mission 1882-1886M461
SC4012 Oxford 1889-1941M1212
SC2629 Royers Hill 1885-1903M460
SC4011 St Paul's 1891-1923M912
SC4003 Summerfield Circuit 1855-1924M1213
SC4009 TrinityMadison and Preston1862-1956M911, M1360
SC4435 Woodberry Ave 1862-1955M1358, M1359
Protestant Episcopal
SC2463 Cathedral of the Incarnation4 E University Pkwy1853-1969M1262-M1265
SC2464 Chapel of the NativityCedarcroft1912-1921M267
SC2465 Church of Our SaviorBroadway and McElderry1844-1865M242*
SC2467 Church of the AscensionLafayette and Arlington Ave1855-1931M486*-M490
SC2632 Church of Ascension and Prince of Peace
(merger of 2 churches)
Walbrook Ave and Ellamont St1931-1951M492
SC2469 Church of the Holy InnocentsChase/Eden1899-1925M241
SC2470 Church of the Holy Nativity3811 Egerton Rd1911-1961M928
SC2473 Church of the Prince of Peace 1899-1938M491
SC2474 Church of the RedeemerN Charles St and Melrose Ave1854-1920M520
SC2666 Emmanuel Episcopal811 Cathedral St1854-1959M501*
SC2482 Grace ChapelMt Winans1909-1929M851
SC3975 Memorial ChurchBolton and Lafayette Ave1864-1955M1267, M1408
SC2485 Memorial Church of the Holy Comforter last at Pratt and Chester1875-1922M242-2
SC2486 Mt CavalryEutaw and Madison1842-1957M1174-1, M1559
SC2490 St AndrewsLauraville1891-1920M240*, M933
SC2493 St Bartholomew's Ten Hills 1871-1972M1429
SC2495 St James 1880-1955M980
SC2636 St JohnsGreenmount and Old York Rd1843-1961M984-M985
SC1643 St John'sKingsville1878-1974M416-417, 468, 679, 1011
SC2612 St MarksLombard and Fremont1841-1918M242-3*
SC3974 St MatthiasBelair Rd and Cedonia1907-1945M240, M1266*
SC2466 St Michaels and All AngelsSt Paul and 20th St1877-1959M934-M936
SC2613 St Stephen'sHanover and Welcome Al1857-1892M242-5
SC2656 St ThomasGarrison1726-1976M10772-10773, 11068-11069, 11536
SC2615 TrinityPolly w of Exeter1802-1819 (closed 1837)M247-2
SC2654 TrinityTowson1859-1954M531-M532
SC2984 Baltimore Monthly meeting - Western 1781-1937M557-3, M579*, M582*, M588, M589
M591-M596, M11744-3, M11745
SC2987 Baltimore Monthly Meeting 1647-1955M577-3, M579*-M581, M582*, M583-M590, M594, M11744-5
SC2985 Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Eastern District 1794-1819M577-2*, M579-2, M582-4*, M591-M593, M11744-4, M11745-2
SC3125 Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Orthodox (Homewood) 1796-1963M788-M796, M801
SC2983 Baltimore Preparative Meeting 1776-1930M583, M597-3*, M599, M600, M1744-2
SC4267 Baltimore Preparative Meeting for the Eastern and Western Districts, Orthodox  M797
SC2399 Baltimore Preparative Meeting, Eastern District 1807-1866M582-5, M593-3, M597-2, M598-2, M599-3, M11745-3
SC2986 Baltimore Preparative Meeting, Western District 1813-1915M584, M598, M599-2, M600-3
SC3124 Baltimore Quarterly Meeting, Orthodox 1807-1956M783-M787
SC3136 Friends Federal Hill Mission Meeting, Orthodox 1879-1906M798
Roman Catholic
SC1190 Fourteen Holy MartyrsMount St1870-1964M2650*, M2651*
SC2701 Holy Rosary Polish - (some marriage records online)1st at 1624 Eastern Ave
then S. Chester
1887-1984M3607-M3612*, M3613, M3514, M3615-M3717*, M3618
SC1188 Immaculate Conception1512 Druid Hill Ave1852-1955M2647-M2649
SC2536 Mount St Joseph 1883-1931M1632
SC242 Our Lady of Mt CarmelMiddle River1893-1991M7335-M7338
SC2684 Our Lady of SorrowsWest Hill St1922-1934M1918
SC2534 St AgnesWoodlawn1881-1978M1629-M1631
SC2574 St Andrew's 1878-1979M1935-M1940
SC2699 St Anthony of PaduaGardenville1885-1982M3290*, M3291, M3292, M3293*, M3294
SC2540 St Bernard's 1891-1979M1662-M1665
SC2537 St Brigid911 s Ellwood1858-1978M1634, M1635
SC2581 St Charles BorromeoPikesville1848-1981M2637-M2639
SC2135 St Edward's901 Poplar Grove St1880-1989M5982-M5986
SC2688 St Gregory the Great1542 Gilmor St1884-1982M3220-M3222
SC2700 St Jerome's775 Hamburg St1882-1983M3383-M3387
SC1956 St John the EvangelistHydes1856-1987M4805-M4808
SC2703 St Joseph'sFullerton1842-1981M2689-M2692
SC2576 St Joseph's Monastery Parish 1865-1979M2002-M2006
 St Jude 1845-1877M1598*
 St Lawrence  M2685*, M2686*, M2687*, M2688*
SC2539 St MarksCatonsville1889-1978M1915-M1918
SC1187 St Mary of the AssumptionGovans1850-1981M2642-M2646
SC2535 St Mary's Industrial School 1905-1949M1632
SC2697 St Matthew's5401 Loch Raven Blvd1951-1982M3244-M3246
SC2577 St Michael the Archangel2 Willow Ave1913-1979M2010-M2013
SC2531 St Monica421 W Henrietta St1883-1959M1593
SC2678 St Peter the Apostle848 Hollins St1842-1968M1434-M1439
SC2523 St Peter's 1851-1879M358
SC1202 St Pius V521 N Schroeder St1878-1980M2669-M2673
SC2525 St Stanislaus Kostka700 S Ann St1879-1977M1533-1536, M1537-M1538, M13985
SC2680 St Thomas Aquinas1008 W 37th St1867-1981M2700*, M2701*, M2702*, M2703
SC2578 St Vincent de Paul Cemetery 1850-1970 (1 file online)M2073*, M2074-M2088
SC2682 Shrine of the Sacred HeartMt Washington1869-1980M2829-M2830
Methodist Protestant
SC2880 Bethany 1891-1921M449
SC2882 Broadway (Fells Point) 1856-1920M451*
SC2628 Hanover Street 1858-1876M459
United Methodist
SC4005 Dorguth Memorial Church of the United Brethren in ChristConway now Scott St1855-1923M1277
SC4433 Forrestville(Washington East District)1887-1899M2112
SC4434 Otterbein MemorialRoland Ave and 38th St1866-1915M1407
SC4014 Little Gray Stone ChurchLiberty Heights and Montgomery Ave1925-1927M1277
SC3962 United Methodist Historical Society 1816-1901M1380-M1381
SC4398 First United PresbyterianMontebello1826-1962M534-M537
SC1630 Second Presbyterian 1802-1953M3738, M3739, M3740-M3742
SC2791 Third Evangelical United BrethrenFulton and Lombard1867-1960M493-M494
SC3549 Waters AME 1872-1900M4443
SC2562 Bethel, AMEDruid Hill/Lanvale St1825-1853M1384-M1390
SC2471 Church of the MessiahHarford Rd and White Ave1873-1966M931-M932
SC2565 Ebenezer (Primitive) Baptist 1825-1899M1159

Updated 28 June 2019