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Newspapers for Baltimore region

The following is a list of early Baltimore area newspapers which are available online. A full list of newspapers for Maryland can be found at Archives Special Collections or a list of those that have been digitized and are online is here.

The following list contains those available online from multiple sources:
 Maryland ArchivesList of those at Archives on microfilm, but not online.
 Library of Congress
 Google newspapers

Unless noted, these are "e-documents" which display one page at a time. As new links are found, they will be added here.

TitleYears publishedYears onlineMSA Number
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Aegis & Intelligencer (Bel Air)1857-presentJan 1861-Feb 1862link14 issues
Mar 1862-Mar 1864link102 issues
Mar 1864-Dec 1922link2383 issues
American and Daily Advertiser1799-18021799-1801link301 issues
(Baltimore) American and Commercial Daily Advertiser1802-1883

1802-1807, 1814SC3392 
1800s-50s, 1880slink15,525 issues
1854-56, 1858, 1861-69link3,083 issues
1859-61, 1870-78, 1880-83link4,086 issues
Baltimore American1883-19641857, 1884-1902link5121 issues
1913, Jan-MarSC4150 
American Republican and Baltimore Clipper1844-1846Nov 1844-1846link663 issues
Baltimore Bee1875-1876Dec 1875-Aug 1876link200 issues
Baltimore Clipper1839-18441841, Jan-JuneSC3252(Has single PDF, 250 MB, for p/o 1841)
1848-1865Jan 1860 - Mar 1865SC38951 PDF/month for most months
Baltimore Commercial Journal1840-18491847-1849link136 issues
Baltimore County Union1865-19091865-1909link1370 issues
Baltimore Daily Commercial1865-1867Oct 1865-June 1866link233 issues
Baltimore Morning Herald1900-19041901link60 issues
Baltimore Sunday Herald1901-19041901link1100+ issues
Baltimore Sun1837-present1837-presentlinkThese were available through the Baltimore County Public Library. As of Sept 25, 2021, access has disappeared, obviously a result of the Sun being purchased by a "Hedge Fund", which are known to destroy companies they buy after squeezing all tha assets out of them. I knew this was going to happen.
Baltimore Whig1807-18141810, July-DecSC3259 
Daily Exchange1858-1861Feb 1858-Sept 1861link1104 issues
Feb 1 - Sept 14, 1861SC34343 PDF files: 572 MB, 516 MB, & 510 MB
Der Deutsche correspondent (daily)1841-19181858-1913link16700 issues
Der Deutsche correspondent (weekly)1848-19181874-1911link531 issues
Federal Gazette & Baltimore Advertiser1796-1825Jan 1803-Dec 1803
July 1805-June 1806
Jan 1807-June1808
Log Cabin Advocate (Baltimore)184021 Mar - 15 Dec 1840SC484934 issues, 1 PDF file 169 MB
This newspaper was dedicated to the election of William Henry Harrison who died in office after 32 days. The newspaper was published over a period of 270 days, more than 8 times the length that Harrison served.
Additional link (direct to file)
Maryland Colonization Journal1835-18401835-1840SC4303 
Maryland Gazette1727-1734
SC2853?See Maryland Online
See Index 106
Maryland Herald1790-17991790-1799link310 issues
Maryland Journal (Towson)1865-1905Jan 1889 - Dec 1890SC2891weekly
Maryland News Sheet1861-1862Sept 1861 - Aug 1862SC3436 
Maryland Republican1809-18171809 Jun-DecSC3411 
"Niles'" Register1811-18491811-1849LinkIndex and images
Pilot1840-1840Apr 1840link20 images
Pilot and Transcript1840-1841May 1840-Jan 1841link207 issues - Also a campaign paper for William Henry Harrison, the Whig candidate.
The South1861-1862Apr 1861-Feb 1862SC3768 

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