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There is a lot of data online at the Maryland Archives, but it is not always easy to find. Even when you get to it, it is hard to see what is there, since it only seems to provide a search function which allows you to find something if you already know exactly what it is called.

The following are direct links into specific parts of the Maryland Archives website.


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Series ID
(link to data)
Maryland Births and christenings, index1650-1995Family Search-Electronic index
Counties birth index1898-1909SM1997 PDF files (~90 MB each)
Original certificates available on paper at T1886 (1898-1913) at Archives.
1910-1919S104511 PDF files (also included in SM27 following)
1910-1951SM27119 PDF files, ~100-400 MB each
Counties birth index - delayed1860-1919SM292 PDF files for A-C (487 MB) and D-H (277 MB)
I-O needs to be scanned, P-Z scanned at Archives,.
Baltimore City birth index1875-1941CM113459 PDF files, 20-60 MB each
See CM1135 for list of originals to determine film number
1950-1972T1344117 PDF files (~20 MB each) (Soundex) Originals not available
Baltimore City birth records1884-1924C6Some scanned, not online
1925-1939SE159 or TE40Not scanned, not online
1942-1950CM1135All scanned, not online
Maryland Marriage References - Barnes1623-1820S1527Index 123 - alphabetical listing from various sources.
Maryland marriage references (Burns)abt 1650-1780-

@ Family Search
This does not provide info about marriages, only evidence that a marriage existed. Suggestion: Download 23 PDF files for later reference.

The following are links to archived copies of the 23 PDF files:

Maryland marriage index1649-1886SE27

177 PDF files of card index (~3 MB each)
(Contains very few for Baltimore, only ones are for 1865-1866. None for Harford or Howard Co.)

Hint: Always check the land records. Sometimes there is a "pre-nup" recorded, especially when a widow with extensive property is getting married.

Maryland Marriage index - male1777-1851S139848 PDF files 1 GB total (Indexes 7-15)
Maryland Marriage index - female1777-1851S13991 PDF file (of 51) online (Abb-Dau), rest being scanned (hopefully).
Maryland marriages, index1658-1940Family SearchElectronic index
1666-1970Family SearchElectronic index
Baltimore County
Marriage index
1777-1799-This is taken from CM174 below.
Online copy (requires login @ Family Search), but result is hard to use.
Local archived copy (1 PDF file, 7.6MB) still hard to use.
Second archived index (1 PDF file, 60 MB) easier to use.
Marriages1777-1804S1005Scharf collection - MF available at Archives
Baltimore County
Marriage index
1777-1851-Available at FamilySearch (with free log-in) 1777-1832   1832-1851 (Electronic indexes)
Baltimore County
marriage register
1777-1851CM174 Chronological - not alpha
1777-1851 8 PDF files (770 MB total) (also on MF WK1396-1397)
See 1777-1799 from FamilySeach above for alphabetical index.
1832-1851 on microfilm (WK1397-1398) - go to Archives to view. Key:
   1832-1839 - images [1-164]
   1839-1846 - images [165-334]
   1846-1851 - images [335-497] (last part very bad copy, unreadable)
Electronic index for 1832-1851 available from FamilySearch (above)
Rootsweb transcription project 1800-1816 - 10,000 items completed
Marriage Register (Ancestry)1823-1826LinkTranscription from CM174 pages 1-109. Has index.
Marriages from newspapers
Baltimore County
marriage register
1851-1886CM1752 PDF files, arranged by 1st letter of surname, chronological within each, both bride and groom (653 MB total)
BrideFile 1: pp. 1-40File 1: pp. 79-190
GroomFile 1: pp. 41-77File 2: pp. 1-309
Baltimore County
marriage register
1865-1987+CM176Scanned up to 2002, but must go to Archives to view.
Baltimore City
marriage license index
1851-1865CM2042 PDF files (157 MB & 290 MB) of same thing
Arranged by 1st letter of surname, chronological - males (use CM205 instead)
1851-1885CM20522 PDF files of card index (200-300 MB each, 4.66 GB total)
Alphabetical card index (males)
1886-1914T2426114 PDF files of card index (10-20 MB each, total 1.3 GB)
Alphabetical card index (males)
Baltimore City Marriage register1865-1919CM20639 PDF files, 6 GB total
Register arranged by 1st letter of groom's Surname.
Gives date, ages, residences, single/widowed,divorced, minister (same as in CM205 and T2426)
MD Marriage index - Female1914-1930SM184All scanned. Available at Archives computers. Certificates arranged by Soundex.
1951-1968SM22427 PDF files, ~50-100 MB each
1969-1972SM2268 PDF files, ~100 MB each
MD Marriage index - Male1931-1940S1951Arranged by Soundex. (not online - go to Archives for originals - paper)
1951-1968SM22338 PDF files, ~50 MB each, total 1.77 GB
1969-1972SM22511 PDF files, ~50-70 MB each
MD Marriage index - Male/Female1951-52, 58, 60-61,1973-1989S185145 PDF files, ~90MB each
Marriage certificates (Counties and City)1951-1990SM259491 PDF files, ~100 MB each for 1951-1981 (others not available online)
Grouped by county. They can be found by "serial number" which is what is found in the indexes CM223-226 and S1851.
Marriages index1990-2004SE14430 PDF files (53 MB total)
County codes: Allegany (01); Anne Arundel (02); Baltimore (03); Calvert (04); Caroline (05); Carroll (06); Cecil (07); Charles (08); Dorchester (09); Frederick (10); Garrett (11); Harford (12); Howard (13); Kent (14); Montgomery (15); Prince George's (16); Queen Anne's (17); St.Mary's (18); Somerset (19); Talbot (20); Washington (21); Wicomico (22); Worcester (23); Baltimore City (30); Maryland Stats (35)
Nearby Counties Anne Arundel
Created 1650
FamilySearch index - 1777-1886
Licenses, 1851-1886, CM116 (MF scanned)
Licenses, 1905-1933, CM117 (MF scanned)
Divorces, 1966-1991, CM1413 (64 PDF files)
Created 1837
marriage index (typed) 1837-67, register (original) 1837-41 CM1285 (1 PDF file, 15 MB)
marriage register (typed) 1837-67, rest same as CM1285 CM1282 (1 PDF file, 36 MB)
marriage register, 1837-1851 CM298 (E-pub)
marriage register, 1851-1886 CM297 (E-pub)
marriage index, 1865-1886 CM299 (E-pub)
marriage index, 1886-1914, CM299 (MF @ Archives)
FamilySearch index - marriages 1837-1899
FamilySearch index - marriages 1841-1865
Cecil (Elkton)
Created 1674
FamilySearch - Marriage register 1777-1840 (20 MB)
FamilySearch - Marriage index 1840-1865
marriage index, female 1928-1935 CM353 (4 PDF files, 290 MB total)
marriage index, male, 1928-1977 CM354 (102 PDF files, 30-90 MB each)
Created 1748
marriage index, male, 1778-1851, CM493 (1 PDF file, 160 MB)
marriage index, female, 1778-1851, CM492 (1 PDF file, 146 MB)
marriage index, male, 1851-1865, CM480 (1 PDF file, 160 MB)
marriage index, female, 1851-1865, CM471 (1 PDF file, 146 MB)
marriage index 1865-1886 Groom  Bride
FamilySearch index 1778-1797
FamilySearch index 1811-1840 (1 PDF file, 8 MB)
FamilySearch index 1841-1865 (1 PDF file, 9 MB)
Created 3 Mar 1774
Marriage register 1782-1886, CM586 (microfilm @ Archives)
Local files (PDF) of above: 1782-1784 | 1791-1807 | 1807-1822 | 1822-1837 | 1837-1853 | 1853-1864 | 1864-1870 | 1870-1876 | 1876-1882 | 1882-1886
FamilySearch index, 1774-1886
(1785-1791 is missing from all)
Created 1851
Nothing available online or @ Archives on microfilm
(Howard District of AA County)
FamilySearch index - 1840-1850 license book
MD Divorce index - Female1961-1972S1893459 PDF files
MD Divorce index - Male1962-1973S1952613 PDF files
Baltimore City index1853-1982CM1295Circuit Court, Equity Docket 37 PDF files (4.7 GB total)
Must go to Archives for actual documents in C166 (1851-1867)
Baltimore City index1888-1982CM1296Circuit Court #2, Equity Docket 40 PDF files
Must go to Archives for actual documents in T997 (1888-1982)
Baltimore County index1851-1984CM147Equity Docket index - 20 PDF files (100-200 MB each)
Must go to Archives for actual document in CM146 (1851-1968)
Maryland deaths, index (Burns)1715-1763Family SearchCompiled index from Books 1-49 (Accounts) 1 PDF file of 256 pages, alpha by surname. Gives year, book/folio, county
Deaths from newspapers1796-1816LinkAncestry (pay)
1837-1850LinkAncestry (pay)
1877-1992LinkFamily Search (free)
Death index (counties) (cards)1898-1910SE623 PDF files, whole state, same as p/o SM25
1904-1944SE7100 PDF files (about 15-20 kB each), whole state. Better images in SE58. (1945-1951 not online)
Death index (counties, not City)1898-1951SM25Whole state, 121 PDF files, 50-200 MB each, same as in SE58 and SE8.
1898-1944 SE58
135 PDF files
total 1.5 GB
Whole state (except Baltimore City)
Alphabetical card index - name, date, county, race, age
1 file per letter and year range

Note: The actual death certificates are at SE42 (1898-1910), SE43 (1910-1951), SE44 (1951-1969), SE45 (1969-1972), and SE46 (1973-2001). Data is restricted starting in 1922. To view the entries for one county within each of these lists, use the "filter" at the top. You have to go to the Archives to view the actual death records 1922 and later.
(Hint: You don't need the certificate number to find it. The certificates are alphabetized within each month.)
1945-1968 SE8
54 PDF files
total 592 MB
1973-2014SE15142 PDF files (118 MB total)
Explanation of codes used.
Death certificates (counties)
No Baltimore City
1845-1898SE4221 PDF files, Cards, alphabetical order, 1 per first letter (A-Z) - online
1898-1910SE42144 PDF files for Baltimore County, 1 per month - online
1910-1921SE43 142 PDF files for Baltimore County, 1 per month - online
1922-1951SE43 289 PDF files for Baltimore County, 1 per month - Online with a trick. Email me
City death Index1875-1942
CE42193 PDF files, 10-40 MB each
   1875-1893 by 1st letter of surname (tedious to search)
   1894-1903 by 1st letter surname, 1st letter given name (little easier)
   1904-1942 by 1st letter Surname, next vowel (easier still)
   1950-1972, Soundex (huge files)
1875-1880 &
Use this
Electronic search by name to find date and certificate number. Note that the microfilm number given is not where the original is located. Use CM1132 to determine the microfilm number, which can be viewed at the Archives.
Alternative index for 1875-1880 (which does give the correct microfilm number.)
(2 e-books)
A-M & Mc-Z
Interment reports (card index) - See BRG 19-1 for originals. Links to begin of each:
   A  |   B  |   C  |   D  |   E  |   F  |   G  |   H  |   I  |   J  |   K  |   L  |   M  |   McA  |  
   McC  |   Me  |   N  |   O  |   P  |   Q  |   R  |   S  |   T  |   U  |   V  |   W  |   XYZ  |  
(Remember not to use the "Jump to Page" function. Edit the address bar instead. Also, use Control + to enlarge image.)
1827, 1835-60, 1864, 1867SC5458
(22 MB)
Suspicious deaths - Coroner Inquests index (1 file)
See BRG19-1 for originals
Baltimore City Death Certificate1874-1922CM1132146 PDF files about 400 MB each, available online
1922-1950CM1132Available online with a trick. E-mail me.
1950-1972CE502Available at Archives
Maryland deaths and burials, index1877-1992Family SearchElectronic index of 11,686 records
City/County death index1974-2014SE15142 PDF files, 112 MB total. In 1972, the city and state recording was combined.
City/County death records1974-2014SE46Viewable only at the Archives. If you know the death date, you should be able to find it without an index, since they are grouped by month and alphabetical within each month.
Mortality schedules (census)

1850 (deaths
1 June 1849 -
31 May 1850)
SM61-1541 PDF file - whole state (374 MB)
Baltimore is images 20-116
1860 (deaths
1 June 1859 -
31 May 1860)
SM61-2241 PDF file - whole state (145 MB)
City is images 26-121, County is images 122-145
1870 (deaths
1 June 1869 -
31 May 1870)
SM61-2881 PDF file - whole state (294 MB)
City is images 94-233, County is images 60-93
MD Probate records (by County)
  Raw data (all MD) @
Lists of FamilySearch probate documents for Baltimore City/County.
Alternate compiled index for Baltimore City/County (organized and annotated)
See below for nearby counties.
Colonial probate records index1634-1777SE426 files, 330 MB total.
One file per first letter (card-by-card search)
This is a combined index into the files for wills, accounts, inventories, and balance books.
Alternate search function.
Other indexes in S537, S539, S1393, S1394, SM14, SM16
Colonial wills1635-1777S539Index (5 PDF files, 106 MB total). 1 and 2 are good typed alphabetized indexes, 3 and 4 are handwritten in liber/folio order. 5 does not appear to include Baltimore County
S53860 files, ~100 MB each, 5.44 GB total. Note: copies also available in the next item.
Colonial wills, accounts, etc.1635-1777TE1Huntington Collection - 256 microfilms taken in 1946, each including 4 or 5 books. Contains court judgments, wills, balance books, inventories, accounts, inventories, testamentary, BA and AA County deeds, Black, Red, Brown, Blue Books, and index to wills, inventories, account, etc.
Unfortunately, the list at the Archives does not provide links to online data (which is lousy to use anyway). Use following for links to usable viewer: Viewer for Probate Records
Note that some wills are recorded both here and in Baltimore County.
Testamentary Proceedings index1657-1777S1394121 PDF files (650 MB total) of card index
Testamentary Proceedings1657-1777FS Cat 2656567Books 1-47
Probate index1777-1854S139534 PDF files (500 MB total) of card index
Colonial wills, Prerogative Court1635-1777SM16Contains Books 1-2. See TE1 (next) for Books 3-41.
See chart in AMO, Volume 415.
1635-1777TE1Index to Libers 1-41
1685-1743Family SearchAbstracts of Libers 1-23, index in each vol. Contents:
vol. 1 - Wills 1635-1685 (Liber 1-10);
vol. 2 - Wills 1685-1702 (Liber 4-11);
vol. 3 - Wills 1703-1713 (Liber 11-13);
vol. 4 - Wills 1713-1720 (Liber 13-15);
vol. 5 - Wills 1720-1726 (Liber 16-18);
vol. 6 - Wills 1726-1732 (Liber 19-20);
vol. 7 - Wills 1732-1738 (Liber 20-21);
vol. 8 - Wills 1738-1743 (Liber 22-23).
1743-1764Abstracts of Liber 23-31 (Gibb) - From S538
1763-1765Family SearchAbstracts of Liber 24, 30-33 (Burns)
1770-1772Family SearchAbstracts of Liber 38 (Burns)
Prerogative Court - Accounts1718-1777Family SearchIndex and Books 1-74
Baltimore County, WillsIndex
CM1896 PDF files, ~60 MB each - gives names, year of will, book/folio reference
- For early wills, use index to determine book, use index in that book to determine page.
- Also check above under "Colonial Wills", since some are also recorded there.
- Also check land records - some wills are recorded there.
See next item for wills for 1675-1852, Books 1-24.
1675-1852Family SearchBooks 1-24
1666-1979CM1881666-1919, Books 1-50 online. Microfilm for rest, all scanned, go to Archives to view.
1783-1845Family SearchAbstracts (by Burns) at FamilySearch
 Vol 4, 1783-1791
Vol 5, 1791-1797
Vol 6, 1897-1802
Vol 7, 1802-1805
Vol 8, 1805-1811
Vol 9, 1810-1815
 Vol 10, 1815-1819
Vol 11, 1819-1824
Vol 12, 1824-1827
Vol 13, 1827-1831
Vol 14, 1831-1834
Vol 15, 1834-1836
 Vol 16, 1836-1838
Vol 17, 1838-1840
Vol 18, 1840-1842
Vol 19, 1842-1844
Vol 20, 1844-1845
Baltimore County, Estate Docket index1908-1965CM1494 PDF files, ~80 MB each
Names, year, book/folio reference
Go to Archives for actual estate dockets at: CM148 for 1908-1970
Baltimore City, WillsIndex
1850-1951 &
CM22011 PDF files, ~50 MB each
Names, year of will, book/folio reference
1852-1970CM219Only 1856-1862 online (4 PDF files)
1925-1940 also available at
1925-1941Family SearchFiles with all supporting documents, can be found at two locations at (free login required). This link is a combined index.
Also the following indexes with (some) online data (lots of big files):
Baltimore County
S531, Accounts, Prerogative Court, 1718-1777, 74 files
CM126, Account of sale, index 1780-1851, 1 file
CM128, Admin accounts, index 1631-1966, 10 files
CM131, Admin docket, index 1851-1912, 3 files
CM147, Equity docket, index 1851-1984, 20 files
CM149, Estate docket, index 1908-1965, 4 files
CM156, Inventories, index 1666-1965, 9 files
CM182, Orphans court, index 1777-1967, 13 files
CM1160, Indentures 1794-1823, 11 files
Baltimore City
CM192, Accounts of sale, index 1851-1960, 11 files
CM194, Admin accounts, index 1848-1968, 26 files
CM199, Guardian account, index 1851-1869, 1 file
CM201, Inventories, index 1839-1863, 1895-1965, 19 files
CM208, Orpahns Court Proceedings 1851-1920, 131 files
CM209, Orphans Court Proceedings, index 1851-1967, 56 PDF files, 60-100 MB each

Nearby CountiesAnne Arundel
Created 1650
Probate Records at Family Search
Carroll (CR)
Created 1837
from BA&FR
Probate Records at Family Search
Harford (HA)
Created 3 Mar 1774
from BA
Probate Records at Family Search
Howard (HO)
Created 1851
Cecil (CE)
Created 1674
from BA
Probate Records at Family Search
Finding Aid for Archives files for all counties.
Immigration, New Early Settlers (Gibb)1633-1683SC4341
Naturalization index
(Index 41)
1637-1776S14141 PDF file 15 MB - Index into:
- Provincial Court Judgements 1656-1773 (S551/SM20)
- Commission Book, 1733-1750, 1761-1773 (S1080/SM171)
- Black Book series, 1701-1773 (S987/SM3)
- Bacon's Laws, 1637-1763
Passenger arrival records (Baltimore)1833-1866
BRG55-1Passenger Arrival Records (many scanned, none online)
1833-1875BRG55-21 PDF File - Register of arriving ships, including number of passengers
1832, 1834BRG55-34 boxes - Quarantine and foreign (poor?) Bonds
Not online, but each list gives all names.          
1833-1866BRG55-471 PDF files, about 150-250MB each, total 12 GB.
The manifests are at MSA T2821, (but with no data available online). There appears to be microfilm for some - a list can be found at BRG55-1, but these are not available at the Archives under these numbers. The originals are presumably located at the City Archives.    
Passenger arrivals (Baltimore)1820-1948-M327 - This data (1820-1897) at contains 171 rolls of microfilm, which is a Soundex card file. See NARA explanation here.
  • A "browse" function. These cards look similar to the cards in BRG55-4 above, but sometimes have different data.
  • A search function by name
This data at contains:
  • A search function by name for the above 3 databases
Help from
Naturalization petitions (index cards) - Provides two options: a search form and browse images
Naturalization register1792-1906 At FamilySearch:
vol 1 - vol 4, pg 261 (1792-1835) (vol 1-2 have index);
vol 4, pg 260 - vol 7 (1835-1840);
vol 8-10 (1840-1844);
vol 11-13 (1844-1852);
vol 14-17 (1852-1855);
vol 18-21 (1855-1885);
vol 22-24 (1885-1906)
Naturalization docket (County)1796-1851CM13291 microfilm (scanned), Book 1
Naturalization Record (County)1832-1851CM13301 microfilm (scanned), Books 2 and 4
Naturalization Record
(County) - Minors
1846-1851CM13311 microfilm (scanned), Book 3
Naturalization Record
(City) - Minors
1845-1851CM13141 microfilm (scanned), Book 3
Declaration of intent
1851-1903CM13081851-1856: Book 13, 1 microfilm (scanned)
1858-1903: Book 14, 1 microfilm not scanned
Declaration of Intent (City)
1867-1906CM13121 PDF file, 33 MB (for Books 5, 8, 11, 13, 16, and 24 only)
Go to Archives for microfilm at CM1306 for records.
Naturalization, index (City)1867-1906CM13181 file - gives name, year, place of origin, and book/page of record (Books 1-22, 1867-1906). A-Z. Actually, very few after 1899.
For microfilm that has been scanned see:
   CM1315 for Books 1 (1867-1872), 4 1872-1879), 6 (1878-1881), 7 1881-1887), 10 (1887-1889), & 12 (1889-1892) (scanned); and 17 (1892-1895), 19 (1895-1900), 20 (1899-1903), & 26 (1903-1906) (not scanned).
   CM1317 for Books 2 (1867-1876), 3 (1876-1886), 9 (1886-1889), 14 (1889-1891), 15 (1892-1894), & 18 (1894-1900) (scanned); and 22 (1899-1903) & 25 (1903-1904) (not scanned).
   CM1320 for Books 11 (1851-1854), 5 (1854-1857), 15 (1857-1884), & 12 (1884-1900) (scanned).
   CM1321 for Books 4 (1851-1861) & 3 (1861-1875) (scanned); and 6 (1875-1884), 7 (1884-1894), & 8 (1894-1900) (not scanned)
Baltimore City Stuff
Baltimore City Directories (UM)1816-1923n/aSearchable, PDF copies of many directories (30-300 MB each)
Baltimore Cty Directories
(at MD Archives)
1827-1856n/aSearchable (1827, 1829, 1833, 1835, 1837, 1842, 1847, 1853, 1855, 1856)
Baltimore Cty Directories
1890, 1899,
1912, 1913
n/aYou must first be logged onto Ancestry.
1890 | 1899 | 1912 | 1913 |
Surname index - City Archives~1796-1930BRG76-359 PDF files (60-90 MB each) - Alphabetical card index, about 4500-5000 cards per file
Record groups - City Archives1796-1938eBookSample
Lookup codes found on surname index
See also CE40 for full detail
Better yet, find a single PDF file here.
Record groups - at MSA1756-1938CE40Sample
Use this to lookup codes found on surname index
Contains full details
Subject index - City Archives1756-1937BRG76-4Alphabetical list (1591 images) - displays one at a time. Key:
  A-Bal, images 2-149
Ban-Ch, 150-232
Ci-Col, 234-328
Com-Fi, 330-476
Fl-Ha, 478-570
  He-Ho, 572-670
Hu-Ly, 672-768
Ma-Mu, 770-913
N-Pu, 916-1036
Q-Sc, 1038-1104
  Se-Su, 1106-1209
T-Vi, 1211-1312
War1812, 1314-1501
Was-Yo, 1503-1589
Baltimore City & County
Union veterans schedule
(Don't use this link, see right column.)
The Archives system for this is very hard to use. (Link in far left column.) It brings up 1124 "thumbnails" that totals more than 400 MB. So use this only if you have a very fast interface or have a lot of time to kill. Otherwise, use this display tool to display one page at a time. The County begins at image 928.
Baltimore City Wards1797-presentn/aThis link provides great, interactive maps showing the Wards of the City during various periods.
Bio of Leading Families1897-FamilySearch (LDS film #1356432) 59 MB
Biographies1635-1789AMO Vol 426Includes those who were in the legislature, which is just about every (man) who was important.
Huntington Collection1735-1900TE1Collection of 256 rolls of microfilm made in 1945-1946. It contains a variety of items. While portions are included under the appropriate subjects in this "Helper", here is a Full list
Census index (Maryland))1776, 1778S1419Index 46 (17 little files)    Single file with combined index (2 MB)
Census index (Maryland))1880,1900,1920SM62Soundex card index, 300 PDF files
Settlers index1634-1680S1503Index 117 - Provides search by name, reference, etc.
Maryland Historical Magazine1906-2009SC5881
(no copies)
PDF copies of MD Historical Magazine (about 10-20 MB each)
Index and links to volumes
Current tax data2020n/aFind owner, deed reference, plat number, block number (in city)

Soundex calculator


Other helpers for Baltimore area records:


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